Sharing Sunday #12

The best parenting and breastfeeding blog posts from the week, hand-picked by me, not an automatic Twitter bot.


If you’ve noticed anything around the blogosphere about the current inflammation of the old bottle-feeders vs. breast-feeders debate <insert very sad sigh here>, here are two posts that sum up exactly how I feel about it. Firstly at Alternative Mama, and secondly at Blue Milk.

Babies & toddlers

Wasn’t sure where to put this one, but this incredibly moving and brilliant piece of writing about the transformation we go through when we become mothers is just perfect, from The Sage Mama. (I’m sneaking it in as it’s really from 22nd Sept, but I like it so much and only just discovered it!)

2-8 year olds

When I wrote The Tantrum Checklist, I was asked about how we can manage our own meltdowns as parents, and I promise I will write about this at some point, but in the meantime, this is a brilliantly helpful piece about how to manage yourself when your child melts down, from Aha Parenting. Could have done with reading that a few years ago, but I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of use for it! I love the tip: ‘Take a deep breath and choose love.’

8-12 year olds

I am a real fan of the writings of Ekhart Tolle – if you haven’t discovered him yet, then I do recommend reading his books. It’s very out of date (by a whole year!) but here is a wonderful post on the blog, Parent with Awareness, of Tolle’s thoughts on parenting, which I absolutely love!

Enjoy! I’m always on the look-out for inspiring links so please visit and ‘like’ our Facebook page and share any good links you find over next week.

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